The Value Of The Graveyard Continues To Rise

Renewal of Your Mind

The new graveyard. The new graveyard at the ch... Image via Wikipedia

Don’t Increase the Value of The Graveyard

It has been said, that the graveyard is the most valuable real estate on earth. Why? Because countless people have lived, died, and taken to the grave their dreams, aspirations, inventions, books, songs, and various other creatives and unfulfilled accomplishments.

Why Do People Deposit Their Wealth In the Grave Instead of In Life?

They have procrastinated, been side tracked, became professional time wasters, chased the wind, feared the unknown, lacked courage, basted in unbelief and doubt, got caught up in vanity, failed to act on ideas and do the things necessary to achieve their goals and visions or failed to get back up after a failure. These are some of the things that have caused many to deposit their wealth in the vault of the dead (the graveyard).

How To Deposit Your Wealth In Heaven?

There are some biblical…

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